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5:40 am. That’s the time our alarms simultaneously start yelling at us from both sides of the bed. Except for on the weekends. Oh, blessed weekends.

Lee gets up and starts to get ready for work. I, let’s be honest, lay in bed for a few more minutes.

We descend to the kitchen and do the breakfast routine. We eat a lot of Special K protein plus with flax seed sprinkled on top and honey.  And that is our very messy coffee cabinet. We choose between french press, espresso or drip and get our morning boost.

Even though I’m not a morning person, I treasure those few minutes I have with Lee before he’s out the door and gone for 12 hours. I’m especially going to miss the mornings with him for the next two weeks while he’ll be gone for a class in New York.

We let this cute little mongrel out of her kennel, and she is ready for action.

And then the dishes are usually calling my name.

It seems like a lot of mornings I feel like doing something creative first thing in the morning. This often take the form of baking or crafting. Just this morning I had created some gift boxes and packed them with Valentines treats– all before 7:30a!

I created a few easy Valentines decorations the other day that I thought I’d share. These projects can easily be adapted to other holidays or celebrations (think bridal or baby shower!)

For this first set of heart garland, I cut out heart shapes from posterboard, and hole punched two holes in them (that I would later string the ribbon through.) Then, I reminisced to third grade, when I’m sure we all created a very similar tissue paper project. I cut out squares of pink tissue, approximately 2″x 2″ (but they definitely do not need to be uniform.) Then I would poke the middle of the paper with my finger and wrap the edges around my finger. I put a dollop of glue on the middle part on the tip of my finger and then adhered it to the posterboard (does that make sense?) Super easy… and a great project to do while watching some TV, as it can take a little while depending on how dense you make the tissue. I love the texture on these.

My fireplace is a two-sided fireplace that looks into the kitchen, so I have two mantles. I couldn’t neglect the other one, so I made some heart bunting.

And yes, I still have a wreath up. My friend Madison actually made this cedar wreath for me this year, and its so pretty I just can’t bear to take it down (yet.) Plus, it doesn’t help that I accidentally peeled off some of the paint when hanging it, so I know if I take it down, I’ll also have to repair the paint.

The heart bunting also is super easy. This time I began with a pack of Amy Butler coordinating papers and cut out heart shapes from a variety of the papers. I cut two holes in them and strung them over some hemp twine.

We’d better check on the dog.

And, one last project. This is a variation on the heart bunting above. I made some party flag bunting. I again used a set of Amy Butler papers, cut out triangles, and threaded them through onto some twine. Turned out super cute! I plan on making drink stirrers with coordinating paper flags on them for some party decoration!

Brides… I LOVE the idea of paper bunting at weddings. I’d be available to make some for you, too.

Since you’ve just seen my messy craft room, I should probably show you the awesomeness that adorns its walls. This poster was given to my by my Grammy at Christmas this year. It’s copyright year is 1972 and it has hung in a room in the basement of her house for my whole life. We call the room the “dungeon” because it has no windows. Everybody has a love/hate relationship with the dungeon. You can sleep like a rock in there because there is NO light, but then you have to deal with the probably 50 year old mattress that makes you all roll to the middle. Good times.  I’ve always loved this poster, and I guess I told her years ago that when she died, I wanted the poster. Lol. She bequeathed that request early, and so I’m now the proud owner of the scuba diver window poster.

After my extended stay in the craft room I walked upstairs to find this little guilty booger. I love how she’s looking sheepishly at me over her shoulder like “Am I gonna be in trouble for that?”

I have more photos from us at home that I shot the other morning, but I’ve had an equipment failure on the device that reads my external hard drives. Yeah, good times. So, until that situation is rectified, there are a bunch of files I can’t access. Boo.

But, one of my goals for 2011 is to take more photos of US. Lee and I have been married over 5 months (on March 5th it will be 6 months! I can’t even hardly believe that!) And, I want our kids to have photos of us when we were “young” and newly married, and what our lives were like. I want to treasure this special time in our lives, and one of the best ways I do that is through photo. Thank you Lord for my sweet little family, for the quiet mornings, and for moments to express myself and make pretty, fun things.

And thank YOU, reader. I’m glad you’re there. If you would, leave me a note to let me know you’re reading!



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Jessica Lagomarcino, Louisville Wedding Photographer Hey Jim! That is pretty crazy that you had this poster and happened to see it on my blog! This one used to be in my grandmas house in a room in the basement we called the “dungeon” because it had no windows, hence the poster 🙂 It was there for at least 30 years in her house and I inherited it 🙂 I’ll let you know if I ever want to sell it!

Jim Carlucci I saw the diving poster. I had one in my barracks room in Charleston, SC in the early 70’s and had it stolen from the teacher workroom in the early 80’s and have been looking for a replacement since. If you ever want to sell it or, as a photographer, know where I could get one, please email me. Thanks in advance for your help

Manders jess! i love reading about your life! and i want to participate in it in the very near future! i miss your face!

Melissa Bezuska I loved this post, I wish I was determined enough to get up that early and eat breakfast. I have a shelf of crafty things but find that I haven’t pulled much our recently. Hoping inspiration come soon :). Anyway, I am commenting because your crafts featured here reminded me of the Bridal shower I put on for my sister this last summer. When you get a chance you should check out some of the crafts I made here:
I love taking pictures of everything too. Thanks for the inspiration!

kristen@the wilson family blog Love your craftiness, especially in the morning! And I love that you want to capture your life together pre-kids. How special is that!

elizabeth Oh, Jess! I appreciate so much you making these images of your life as it is right now. So often we forget to document our own lives – so glad you’re doing that! Super fun!

ash-ba-dash LOVE your little family Jess. ur cute!

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