Things I Heart

1. Teva Mush Flip Flops– These are the best flips ever. No lie. You will never want to take them off your feet. I have that exact pair on right now… and I pretty much wear them every day during the spring/summer. I brought a pair to Africa the semester I lived there, and they were all I wore, and I made my mom mail me another pair while I was there. So, if you can’t tell, I’m a fan.

2. Barnes and Noble– Going in here is like vacation for me. I love to peruse the books, the sale racks, and pick up some magazines to flip through over a Starbucks Americano in the cafe. Love me some B&N. Our date nights quite frequently involve a stop there, where I look at the journals and stationary, and Lee steals off and looks at this book, laughs hysterically, and I find him, roll my eyes and ask him if he is really looking at that again.

3. French Press Coffee- this rocked my world, and is truly possibly the best way to brew and enjoy coffee. You need to get one. They have them all the time at TJ Maxx on the cheap!

4. My ice blue KitchenAid mixer. Definitely one of my favorite wedding gifts. My momma knew that every girl needs a KitchenAid! I use it at least a couple of times a week.

5. My spring/summer Sperry Topsiders! My mom and I snagged matching pairs of these Floral Angelfish Sperry’s at Macy’s a few weeks back, and I love the bold pinks and greens– they will definitely go with my summer wardrobe!

6. Tervis Tumblers– another wedding gift from Mom, Lee and I both have 24 oz tumblers with lids (don’t worry, his isn’t pink too). You can put hot or cold beverages in these, they go in the dishwasher and are just really great for taking along in the car when you’re running errands.

7. Lip Gloss– Bath and Body Works carries a whole line of C.O. Bigelow lip glosses that are the shiniest thing you’ve ever seen! They have a clear gloss, which I mostly buy, but some with colors that are awesome too. Plus, they are infused with peppermint oil or other fragrances which act to freshen your breath too! I keep one of these in a chapstick holder on my keychain so its always with me!

8. Apple computers– Once you go Mac you don’t go back. Nuff said. 😉

9. Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream– Mint cookie crunch and French Silk are my standbys, but right now in my freezer is Thin Mint and Samoa Girl Scout flavors (only out til April)!! This ice cream is delish, and half the fat and calories of regular ice cream, so it makes me feel a little better about eating it.

10. Diet Barq’s. It’s just delicious. We just burned through a 12 pack of that at our house.

11. BradsDeals – I have had people tell me lately that I always find the best online deals– and I owe this in large part to Brad’s Deals. I keep it on my bookmarks and click to it every few days and look at the newest offers. Great site for those of us that love a good bargain!

12. Insanity– I’ve done p90x a whole bunch of times, so it was time to mix it up a little. Thankfully I have a friend doing this with me, because it is pretty true to its name! Day 16 was dominated this morning!

13. Amy Butler– love love love Amy Butler patterns, papers, and fabrics. I even used some of her fabric in my wedding, wrapped around the bases of some really tall centerpieces.

14. My leopard print Sperry’s- These are my fall/winter sperry’s and I get tons of comments on them even from random strangers. Unfortunately, I believe they are out of stock most everywhere now.

15. The Twinery– colorful bakers twine that cheers up most anything!

16. Singer Simple– another fave wedding gift, that I’m excited about using. I did make an adorable doggie bed for Layla out of some gray and white Ikea fabric! And, bonus, I FINALLY got her to lay on the silly thing!

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Kristin Eldridge I want one of those mixers in a fun color. Didn’t think I would want one when I got married. 🙂

Katie I love Amy Butler too…just bought Scarlett a collar with her material…haha. 🙂

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