Susannah + Noah

“Mommy, what’s her name?” Noah said from his carseat in the back. “Her name is Jessica, Noah.” As Noah started saying my name over and over again, in his sweet little almost-three year old voice, I took this as my cue to start priming him for our evening photoshoot. He said he was all in to get his picture taken, and he and his aunt Lindsey had been practicing “saying cheese” all day long. But, once we actually got out of the car, there was a pond to stick our feet in! And a wall to climb on! And bubbles to be blown! There was no slowing down this little boy on the move. And that was just the way I liked it. So, even though we all got hot and sweaty in the unreal temperatures, chasing our little buddy around, I love these images we captured that document the sweet relationship between a little boy and his mommy.

Most of the time, Noah was very sweet to give his mommy kisses, but just like any little boy, sometimes you have to run away from mom kisses and laugh as she attacks you with them!

We found horses!!

The sweet girl who was with the horses walked them over and even let Noah feed them some treats. He was so brave! His hand is all up in that horses mouth!

Presents for mommy!

This next one just makes me think of the adventure of boyhood.

I told you it was hot outside. Look at sweet Noah’s little pink cheeks!

We played hard! Time to take this sleepy boy home to bed!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Susannah Gilbert Jessica you are amazing! I love how you captured his personality so well and you are just so talented!!!

Ashley Glass These are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously!!! You captured such sweet and genuine love between mama and her boy! Susannah is SO gorgeous and I LOVE Noah’s curls!!! Excellent job, Jess!!! These are stunning!

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