Spendyourself + Resc\You

I’m just so excited to finally get these pictures up! Head over to Spendyourself.net to see the story behind this incredible Resc\You shirt.

We had a fun outing in a downtown alleyway full of lots of colorful walls, shipping containers, and these gorgeous vines.


Amy, on the left is one of the founders of the new Resc\You mission. Work it girl!




RescYou-10These next two are married. And cute.



RescYou Sarah-10-2RescYou-18

Ben, pictured above, decided that he needed to shake a nearby tree and make all the leaves fall on Julie’s head for some pictures. Julie was a good sport (even when I made them do it more than once… and I think it turned into a fun little sequence!



The youngest (and I daresay, the cutest) Resc\You model! Amy’s niece MadelinRescYou-8

Okay, it is quite possible that no one else out there will like this next picture… but I can’t get enough of it. It is blurry, but her soft smile and the rainbow colors in the shirt just take me back somewhere… childhood I guess. Oh the 80’s! Anna, you are beautiful!RescYou hands-10-2

You probably recognize this next guy. He was prop man for the photoshoot, even when the props included a small child. I was in the middle of shooting the models, but I couldn’t resist turning my camera to snag a pic of this adorable scene. I’m pretty sure he was in the middle of saying “Hey! The action is over there!” to make me get my camera off him 😉


amy sis and baby-1-2


Sara, you are just too cute. I absolutely love your smile and laugh!






RescYou hands-10

Lana, please come back and model for me again. Girl you were WORK-IN-IT! She appeared and then disappeared again quickly, but I’m sure glad she came so I could snag some shots of her!


And, that’s the end! Go buy a tshirt here, won’t you?

And while you’re over there, register to win FREE SHIRTS for a YEAR! The drawing will be Nov 30th!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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