Second Shooter

When you book a wedding package with J.Grace Photography, you get a 2 for 1 deal. My handsome husband Lee is now my permanent second shooter at weddings. This works out great for us. He is such a servant at heart, and is so kind to lug around my things, set up lights when I need him to, and capture other angles of the day that I simply cannot get as the primary photographer. Recently I had a bride wonder about some of the shots Lee had taken, and when I sent her a screenshot of the pics I blogged that were his from a recent wedding, she told me to tell Lee he does an incredible job and that his shots were some of her favorites! So, I really think he going to be great in this role, and so excited to have my hubs by my side.

Lee got a new baby the other day– his very own Canon 5D mark ii. We stepped outside to shoot as the sun was going down, and I got to capture some of his first moments holding his new baby (ha).

Baby, I’m so thankful for you, and excited for the adventures that await us!

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Katie Yeah, Lee! Speaking from a bride perspective, Lee is great and equally sweet on wedding day!

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