Roxi + Aron Engagement, Madison, IN

Roxi and Aron are genuine and kind people. As I drove up to Madison to meet them, a storm was a’brewin. I got a text from Roxi asking me what road I was on, telling me the storm was coming, and to please drive safely. By the time I got there it was downpouring. But, I was an hour from home at this point– we were going to make this work! We kept thinking that the storm would pass… but when it wasn’t, we just braved it. We would plan out our shots and yell “1, 2, 3… go!” and they’d run into place and we’d get a few, as the drizzle came down. I think they are so in love with each other they didn’t even notice.

Roxi and Aron are now my poster children for my “Getting to Know You questionnaire.” A few weeks before an engagement session I send over a little survey that I have the bride and groom fill out separately. It talks about what they most like about the other person, some of the things they love to do together, and your style as a couple among other things. These surveys are always SO fun to read, and really tells me a lot about the couple. Before these two had filled out their surveys they were talking about coming to Louisville and shooting at Waterfront Park. I mean, Waterfront is fine and all, but I knew we could do better than that. From their surveys, I found out that Roxi collects wine. She has HUNDREDS of bottles. It’s legit. So I was like… okay… we have to do something with wine. Then I found out that one of their favorite dates in the past was going to the Ohio River Valley Folk Festival. I googled it and found out it was right around the time we were going to shoot, so I suggested we go hang out with all the banjos and fiddles. It didn’t work out, but it got Roxi’s mind running, and she got to thinking about all the cute spots that Madison, their town, has to offer. And, so, as you’ll soon see– we created images that were much more unique to them as a couple, were shot in places they frequent, and are just not the same ol’, same ol’!

Roxi and Aron, I loved driving all over town with you two, can’t wait to drink the bottle of wine you gave me, and now am much more informed about jury duty! 😉

She’s a California red kinda girl, and he’s a Chardonnay man.

Our first rain diversion plan was bopping into a little cafe in Madison that some of their friends own called Chez Danielle.

Next stop: the most amazing backyard garden I’ve ever seen. Their friends were so gracious to turn all the lights on for us and even let us head inside their house for a few shots… when they weren’t even home!

Roxi and Aron– enjoy your summer! Your big day will be here before you know it!

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Emilee Zimmer I am getting married next year…probably June 2 and am looking for a photographer. Laura Dour recommended you! I was hoping to get some prices and details. We are also considering doing engagement pictures.

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