Photobooth challenged

Lee and I went to a wedding on Saturday night. I didn’t have my camera, or otherwise I’d show you the glamour of the reception. She’d painted trees white and put bling all over them as some of the centerpieces, and there was hot pink, black, white and bling everywhere. Loved it!

The bride opted for a photobooth from Showtime Photobooth which was a hit from the minute the reception began. People began wearing the props all over the reception, but there was one girl sitting in the back all night wearing cat ears, and I’m afraid they did not come from the photobooth <weeeird.>

Anywho, my dear husband didn’t even try to stage a protest when I saw the photobooth… he knew we were going. But I DID let him opt out of the oversized glasses and pimp hat decorations. We got inside and then found out we are “photobooth challenged.” Numbers one and four came out okay, but those two in the middle… ha… gotta love it.

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Laina Lagomarcino if this challenge was between you and Lee, you for sure win Jess

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