The Zoellers

Liam is one of my daughter Mia’s little buddies, and his mama and I are good friends. We had babies 8 weeks apart, and so our mom texts regarding sleep habits, teething, tantrums, feeding issues etc. etc have been a constant companion over the last year. So glad we got to document this lil guy, his big blue eyes and his parents at this all-too-fast stage of life.




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Lindsey and Skylar

I last photographed Lindsey when Skylar was IN her belly. Now, 15 months later, I’m super thrilled I got to photograph these beauties again. Here’s a few shots from our session.

The one below is after a few tears– but I just thought it was too cute!

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The Tse Family

Sweet Amalie is 1 now, and that is certainly worth commemorating. We had a great time doing all we could to make this sweet girl laugh! The real winner was a toy that sang “In the Jungle.” Hilarious to her little self.



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