Laina Lagomarcino Very pretty pics Amy, and as always, job well done Jess!

Amy Trying not to look mean in these. They turned out great. Thanks Jess!

Wedding Album Swooning

When I received my (approximately 10 pound) wedding album before Christmas, I just about died. It is so, so unbelievably gorgeous. These photos won’t do it justice, but I have to TRY to show you the quality here. My wedding album was handcrafted by local Louisville company RedTree Albums. RedTree has taken off like wildfire in the short time they’ve been in business, and that is due to their unparalleled, quality albums. I was so thrilled with how mine came out that I am excited to  now offer RedTree albums to you, my wonderful clients.


The printing is absolutely crystal clear and gorgeous.

RedTree also offers 5×5 mini albums. They are perfect as parent’s albums– which is exactly what my parents and in-laws received for Christmas! I own this swatch ring of gorgeous Italian leathers, suede-like nabuk leathers, and gorgeous Japanese silks for all my lovely brides to choose the perfect cover for their heirloom album. I went with a champagne colored leather that matched my wedding decor and dress.

I went with the big mama, a 12×12, and you can see how stout she is. 10×10 albums are also available.

This one is blurry, but it gives you a hint as to the thickness of the pages. They feel VERY sturdy.

RedTree uses micro-fold technology, so that we can create big gorgeous spreads for you like this one that go across the middle, and you lose nothing of your photo in the gutter.

So, this is my plug not only for these gorgeous RedTree albums, but for a wedding album in general. In this digital age, many brides just want a disc of files and that’s it. But this tends to make me get on my little soapbox and remind people that an album is an instant family heirloom. You will not get something of this incredible quality on a DIY photobook site, and your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It deserves to be honored and commemorated with something tangible. Why have all those gorgeous photos taken if they are going to simply sit on a hard drive somewhere?

I understand that wedding albums are expensive and don’t seem to always make it in the budget. But, this is one of the only lasting things you will have from your day– and what a better way to commemorate all of your cute DIY details, your perfect wedding dress, all the people who you love and travel to be with you, and your gorgeous flowers? Sometimes my brides choose to use wedding gift money to purchase an album for themselves after the big day, or sometimes it is a gift from parents. Either way, I just wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t urge you to have one of these priceless treasures for yourselves!

Big thanks to Josh at RedTree and my fab wedding photog, Scotty Perry!


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Office Makeover

Welcome to 2012 everybody! I am really loving the start of this year so far! I’ve begun with some good, simple routines for a healthy, happy year… and a clean house! Speaking of cleaning, I thought I would show you guys our office project that took place over the last year. This is where I make it all happen at J.Grace Photography, so I thought you might enjoy a look!

A year ago my office looked like this. Disaster, no?

And now, now it looks like this:

<sigh of contentment>

While it is not totally done yet, its definitely happier in there. A goal for this year is to add a screen on the wall and more seating so that I can have all of you, my lovely clients, in to view your photos, big and beautiful, and consult about how and you’d like to display your lovely photos in your home.  The shelf above my computer usually contains one more white photo frame, but it was, for the Christmas season, taking up residence on my mantle downstairs to display this subway art.

This frame contains a little something I whipped up one day on the computer.


The photo on the left is some art I made! It’s been in the hopper for awhile to make a blog debut. I thought about giving it its own DIY crafty post, but this will have to do for now. Basically, I took some old fence boards (we got a new fence this fall), had the hubs cut them to my specifications, and glued them on another piece of random board we had laying around. The backer board is about an inch thick, which is nice, because it gives the piece the look of standing off the wall a bit. I glued the boards on with wood glue and then clamped them. Then came the part that took the longest. I was going to stencil the words, but when I couldn’t find a stencil of my liking, I printed out an alphabet of a font I liked and then freehanded the letters while looking at the font. I used some white craft paint that I watered down a bit so that the paint seeped in to the wood a bit and didn’t look so stark.


Thanks for stopping by and viewing the office. Next you should drop me a comment or an email and tell me what you would love for me to photograph with you this year!


Courtney awwww… LOVE that Malachi’s announcement made it into your office! so special! 🙂

mom Wow Jess! You have done a beautiful job! I don’t thinkyou need an interior decorator

Kelly We had the same subway art print up for Christmas! Love the office…looks great!