Spring Mini-Sessions

Have you been wanting family photos recently? Or some with your love? Or your dog? Do you have cute little Easter outfits you’d love to see your kids photographed in? Maybe you just can’t afford to shell out for a full session? I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m doing a day of mini-sessions on Saturday, March 30th. Not only are you going to get some beautiful, professional photos, but you are also going to help my dear friends, the Tappmeyers, bring home their son from China! This incredible family of 5 has felt led by God to expand their family to include one more. The Tappmeyers’ son, Blaise, was born deaf. Blaise can now hear wonderfully with a cochlear implant, but through this process the Tappmeyers learned some sign language and learned much about raising a deaf child. With this experience, they hope to adopt a brother for Blaise who is also deaf, so that they are able to love him and provide him with opportunities he may not have had in his homeland. 50% of the fee for your mini-sessions will go straight toward the Tappmeyers’ adoption fee!

Please contact me soon if you are interested!

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Baby Alethea

So I don’t think I’ve officially divulged this on my blog as of yet, but if you follow me on Facebook you may have figured out by now that I’m having a baby! In May, as a matter of fact. Only 10 more weeks (or less!) til my sweet baby girl makes her debut! And so, with pregnancy hormones and emotions riding high, babies are especially precious to me right now. I love watching the way other people parent and love on their sweet babes. And I usually think “oh my word, I have so much to learn.” And then when you hold other people’s said babies you end up thinking about your own and wonder if they will react to you in the same way that this one does.

When I met sweet little 6 month old Alethea the other week, I have to only hope that I will not have the same effect on my own babe. Alethea pretty much hated me. 🙂 I would forget this fact and go in to touch her sweet little leg rolls or caress her little baby face to only be greeted with a frown and cry that could only mean “Mommy, why is she touching me again?!”

So, it is for this reason that I was pretty excited to discover that we actually had gotten some frames of this little girl while she was not upset with me.

I just had to include this next one. This was her more typical face for this session and I kinda just think its so cute!


tiffany What a precious girl! She is beautiful! You did a great job with the pics. I agree, her mad face is pretty stinkin’ cute. 🙂

Amy oh my gosh, she is so sweet! I love her 🙂 Awesome pics. I love the drool one the most!

KElli Oh Jessica, you did a great job! I know you will be a great mommy and I hope she didn’t scare you. You did great work with a very uncooperative subject. Thanks you for taking such gorgeous, beautiful pictures!


This little cutie is the baby of some friends of mine, Courtney and Jeff, (whose engagement photos I shot a million years ago). He was simply a doll baby, enduring the cold, enduring sitting wherever I thought his little hiney needed to be plopped. And so long as I had Sophie the Giraffe squeaking in one hand, he was all smiles for my camera!

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