Devin + Bradley: Married!

Devin and Brad decided to write their own vows to share privately with each other before the ceremony. This was a really touching, sweet moment that I know they’ll always cherish. Funny story though. I’m hanging back, photographing things, while they’re having an emotional moment. I’m behind them, near the tree you see below, and when I tried to walk to a different position, I realize my hair is stuck in the tree! I made a little yelp, Brad saw the whole thing, and he starts laughing. And Devin is probably like “Why are you laughing during our vows?!” He tells her and she turns around to see me removing my hair from the tree, trying not to laugh, and apologizing profusely for interrupting their moment. LOL. Photographer fail. Good thing they are awesome and forgave me for it 😉

The lovely lady below is friend and local photographer Raquel Hubbard– Devin’s sister. It was soo fun to get to hang with her during the day! And could her kids be ANY cuter? I mean seriously…

We had some crazy lighting during the ceremony, because the sun was shining really strongly directly into the windows behind the bride and groom at Kavanaugh. My second shooter Raven captured this dramatic shot, using that light, of the father of the bride walkin down the aisle. Thanks Raven!

These two busted out Soulja Boy like nobody’s business.

Congratulations you two! I was honored to document your beautiful day– it was a great one!! Here’s to your ringbearer’s sign holding true…To your “happily ever after!”


Raquel Jess, these are AHHHHHHHH-MAZING! Seriously, I think you made it look even more beautiful than it was in real life! Just got off the phone with Devin and she is IN LOVE with every one of them. You did such a wonderful job showcasing the whole day. Best decision they made that day: hiring you!

Raven Love these Jessica and thank you again for asking me along.

Charity + Ben: Married!

This day has been a long time in coming. The beautiful bride you’ll see below is one of my best friends for the last decade– since college. (Um seriously– was it really 12 years ago that I started college? sheesh I’m gettin old!) Charity was a bridesmaid in my wedding and though we’ve lived in different states for years, she’ll always be close to my heart. Charity met Ben in 2005 on a trip to India. I was on this trip, and the two began flirting immediately. I just became the third wheel on that trip. 🙂 Once we got home, the romance began. These two have had ups and downs through the years, but Charity could never let go of Ben in her heart. She always knew, I think. And Charity is one of the most steady, level-headed girls I know, so it was highly unlike her to keep her heart on the roller coaster. But God knew what He was doing. And He brought them together, to this day, to one of the most emotional and genuine weddings I’ve ever, ever attended. I was so glad to be there for their Kansas City nuptials and to document the beauty of the day that this long journey finally brought to pass. Much love to my dear friend and her new husband!












Gretchen These pics are beautiful Jess! I think you are getting better and better at your craft!

Laura Such a beautiful day. And bride! Wish I’d been there

Theresa + Michael: Married!

I love the way Theresa and Michael love each other. It is quiet, true and just so them. They are just quality people who deserve the goodness in each other. They both come from Italian families, and the Italian in them made for a warm, beautiful, and wonderful day for our bride and groom! Theresa and Michael were married at St. Aloysius in Pewee Valley and the reception took place at Hurstbourne Country Club. Thanks you two, for allowing me the honor of documenting your gorgeous day. It’s been my pleasure getting to know you both.


And after dancing the night away, they lived happily ever after….

Special shoutout to my wonderful second shooter, Raquel, for her help on this wedding! You’re amazing, girl!

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