My 9 month old Valentine

They say that the hardest things are the most wonderful, worthwhile things. I think one finds this to be true, in a very acute sense, upon becoming a parent.

Mia brings so much laughter and joy to our family, and though there are certainly things that change (ahem, sleeping in again ever) and things that you give up, we don’t really miss them when compared with the joy of seeing our sweet girls face.

And today she turns 9 months old. I know they tell you that they grow up quick– but boy is it ever true! Our little sweet thing is turning into such a big girl, we can’t hardly believe it.


Amy Cutest 9 month old ever!!!!

Gretchen Nichols such a cute little thing! I love her eyes and her cute little dimples in her hands!

Kyah + Lyrik

I’ve loved the look of film photography for years. And though I’d love to spend some time learning that area of my craft, its probably not something I can do right now. So, instead, I am playing around with the awesome VSCO presets, which emulate the look of a variety of films. And so, these little darlings (the flower girls from my wedding– see them in my wedding posts!)  are my first subjects. And I love love love the way these came out. Let me know what you think!



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Michelle + Jon: Married!

It’s a special thing to be entrusted to document the most exciting day of a persons life to date. Its even more special when the bride happens to be a very good friend of yours. Your wedding photographer is with you all day long, and so I was grateful to be able to spend so much time with my dear friend on this fabulous day in her life. Michelle, you looked gorgeous. Jon, you cleaned up pretty darn well too. 🙂 So excited for these two and the plans that God has for them in this new season of life. Without further ado, here is their day!



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Robin Morgan Beautiful and it was terrific being there…