Carson is 1

How do you know when your photoshoot is over? Your subject starts doing this:

Happy birthday sweet boy! So glad I was able to document your life!

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Huey Family Adoption

This family is super great. And they’re going to be even greater when their sweet little Diana gets to come home (hopefully in December!) from the DR of Congo. We took some photos to show her that she already has a place in this family, and to commemorate this season in their lives. They are waiting, fundraising, and hoping from good results from court. There are a bunch of cute ones that contain Miss Diana’s face that can’t be posted yet- but here are a few from our session.



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Family Love

When my husband has to run off to fancy places, like Dubai, in this instance, for work, I often run off down south to see my family. We were first able to spend a few days at my sisters with my hunk of love nephew and amazing niece, and then at my parents. Here are some frames I snapped on the trip… which I love mostly because of who is in them.



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