Ooh Baby Baby…

I am one of those people who hears a word and, probably at least 40% of the time, starts singing a song lyric in my head related to said word or phrase. My brain goes into overdrive with the word “baby.” But, I hope you start singing along with this blog posts title “Ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby… dun dun dun…” Good ol Push It. Salt ‘n Pepa circa 1987 (1987! can you believe it?) So, now that you’ve gotten to jam out… time for photos of my adorable new niece!

I am a first time aunt to Rebecca Grace … and I am already sad thinking about how I’m leaving the little snugglebug tomorrow. Good thing I’ll see her for a whole week again in a month.

Yes, the poor little dear is inside her daddy’s hard hat. This next one was a big hit at his work.

We took the little precious to the beach for the first time! She is gonna be a little water baby. I got her mama this book, so Becca has been having bath tub swim lessons most days. Hopefully she will grow up to be a swimmer like her momma and aunt!

Our baby in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bathing suit. Look how SMALL she is on Aunt Jessica’s beach towel!

Okay so I know that in the last post I was talking about Trueluck as being the cutest dog ever, but really… Winky is pretty high up there. Plus she is FAMILY. Winkers has been so good with the baby. Such a sweet dog.  And yes– she has one eye. And her name is Winky. Lol.

And one last shot of my sweet little model in her pretty pink tutu! I love you Rebecca Grace!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Amy cutest baby ever. you need to come take some more!!!! she’s walking!

Ashley A Haha! The tutu is hilarious! My other favorite is the one in Adam’s hat. So cute!

Mom Aww! Great pictures! I love them all but the picture of her in Adam’s hardhat is so cute!

Maegan Vestal LOVE IT ! Such moments. She is BEAUTIFUL! I love the ones of her and Amy snuggling and Adams hard hat! GREAT JOB!

Alicia YaY 🙂 These made me happy……

Amy u look beautiful ! <3 Heart you all <3

Amy YAY!!!! I love them all.
Hey, I took those pics of winky!!!!! my family is so cute

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