On the Farm

I’ve never really been on a real live working farm. But, I’ve married into an extended family filled with corn and soybean farmers. So little suburban girl me got quite the education this Thanksgiving on the farm. I learned all about combines and tractors and how you fertilize and seed and harvest a field. I even climbed up into the tractor for good measure. And then, as the boys walked around and talked about boy things, and the sun started to set, I couldn’t help myself. I ran inside to grab my camera and just went crazy eating up all the beautifulness around me. I was FREEZING (as in my fingers were turning white and blue) but I just wouldn’t go inside (and as my husband and many others know– I HATE the cold. I just love beautiful pictures way more.)

I was a little bit obsessed with this storage thingy. Look at the way the pretty light is reflecting off of it!

And last but not certainly not least, was the sunset. Absolutely breathtaking. The sky is huge on the plains of central Illinois, and I simply couldn’t get enough of the beauty.

In other, farm-related news: I feel as though we have been learning a TON about food lately– how so much of our diet and calories comes from corn products, and much related to the meat industry. All in the last few weeks we’ve watched Food Inc. (a documentary everybody needs to watch), and another one called “King Corn” (also reeeeally interesting) and I am reading Barbara Kingsolver’s memoir called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (and I’m lovin it!) . Has anybody watched or read any of these? Have you made any changes in your eating/buying/cooking since then? We have been buying cage free eggs when we can and grass fed beef and are looking forward to hitting up farmer’s markets as well. I just felt very earthy or something with all of this food talk and farm hangin’ out and Christmas tree farm visiting!

Until next time…. J

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Amber Ulmer-Ulmer Studios Wow… amazing images… gorgeous!! Makes me feel like I’m there!!

Echo HOME!!!! Well, not my specific home, but Illinois farm country is always going to be “home”. I miss those sunsets…I also saw more sunrises’ living at home on the plains of Illinois…they are pretty spectacular as well! Catch one of those sometime…my fb profile pic is of the sunrise. Nothing beats the still quiet land and the sun making it’s first appearance shooting rays of brilliance through the barns and slio’s…Jessica, you made me miss home today! 🙂 Great work girl!

Amy Brittany told me about the corn movie–crazy! Great pictures.

Mom Love the sky picture!

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