Oh Christmas Tree

I’d never cut down a Christmas tree before. I just lived vicariously through the National Lampoon’s Christmas scene, which, let’s be honest, didn’t look that glamorous– I mean Audrey’s eyes froze open. But, come to find out, every year after Christmas, Lee and his mom head out to her friends small farm and choose that years tree. So, my first experience was delightful (but very, very cold.)

But, what made this experience even awesomer? Well, there was a goat. His name is Forrest. Forrest Goat. He used to have a goat girlfriend named Jenny, but Jenny died.

There were all kinds of wonderful things to take photos of at this place– like these chairs.

And a video of my lumberjack husband:

The only sad part about the excursion was that we had planned on cutting down a Christmas tree for our house the next weekend once we were back in Louisville and start a new family tradition together. However, this experience kind of gave us our fill of tree hunting, so we stuck up my fake one for one more year. (My tree has a ghetto lean… and was purchased at a garage sale approximately 7 years ago. She’s served her time.)

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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