No Place Like Home

A couple of weeks ago, I said my final goodbyes to our childhood home in St. Louis. We moved in, Mom, Dad, baby sister and I when I was two and a half. Our little brother never knew another family home.

It’s hard to put into words the familiarity and comfort that a place can bring. When we were there, even though almost all the furniture was gone and things were off the walls, we were there, and we were together. I remarked that there is nowhere in the world that I feel more comfortable than there.

I actually held it together, pregnancy hormones and all. I knew the potential was there for me turning into a big hot mess, because two Christmases ago (our last one in the house) as we began to sort through our childhood toys and books to take what we wanted, I just lost it. I was crying so hard that I was halfway laughing at myself for it. Nobody knew what to do with me. So, I held it together this time. But as we drove away for the final time, Miranda Lambert’s The House that Built Me comes on the radio. For real.

Ugh, I shouldn’t have let myself watch that video right now.


We were busy while I was there, packing, moving and more packing. But I of course had to snag a few photos (lots of my adorable niece) and some of the house. And although I won’t share it here, we made a movie, walking through the house, sharing our memories. It’s hard to mourn a place. It’s not like a person, where you know they are gone. The place is still there, you just know you can’t go back and that things will never be the same. But God, I thank you for my family and our home.


We found this random little red robe from China in one of the closets. It fit Becca perfectly!

This next one is blurry, but I can’t even make myself care, its too cute!

Becca got to go on a trampoline for the first time. She looooved it. And I loved her crazy static hair and amazing sense of style. Could she not be a baby model, especially in the bottom left pic?

Goodbye house.

Last family photo ever, in our living room. It was accidentally taken in JPG, and pretty far underexposed, which is why it looks not so great, but I still love it! And sister- I just noticed we are both doing the GG leg thing!

Goodbye, #930. There’s no place like home.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


mom This is beautiful…. such a great remembrance of our last days there! Thank you Jessica for always being the one to document our family times together. We are so blessed to have you!

Amy PS this made me cry. STOP IT!!!

Amy Awww so sad! I love this post. The pick of becca reaching for (my?) finger is my favorite!!! Love it!

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