My sister, the prego

I’m going to be an auntie! I’m not sure if I have formally announced this information on my blog as of yet, but it’s true. A few weekends ago I was in St. Louis to help throw a baby shower for my sister and my little unborn niece, Rebecca Grace (which is the middle names of my sister and yours truly… hence J*Grace Photography… in case you didn’t get it…) Anywho. This first one is a little bit crazy… but I wasn’t really liking any traditional kinds of processing on the image so I went a little crazy artsy textury on it.


And then I told her to lay down. Yes, yes, we know pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to lie flat on their backs. It’s fine. It wasn’t for very long.


Seriously, sister, I can only HOPE to be as gorgeous as you when I’m pregnant. GEEZ.


prego-5prego-6 prego-4

These last shots are completely my sister… being her ridiculous self. Here she is demonstrating that pregnant girls can still, in fact, <sort of> do our favorite yoga pose: “tree” while standing on a grassy hill.

prego-3 prego-2 prego-1

Less than a month now til baby Becca is due to make her appearance. Can’t wait!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Mom Beautiful pictures Jess!

Amy lol these turned out really good jess 🙂

Katie Amy you’re so cute!

Laura I love the first one. It’s gorgeous.

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