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When I signed up for a 9 week birthing class, I expected the usual education. What I didn’t expect was that I’d gain a new circle of mom friends. Each week we’ve been getting together at another ladies house for a potluck lunch and hours of mom chit chat and baby play. This week, when the gathering was at my house, I snagged as many of the moms and babies as we could and did a little impromptu photo session. As many moms will attest, somehow there always ends up being lots of photos of dad and the babe, but never too many with momma and her sweetheart, so I wanted to give my momma friends a gift– photos of her and her too-quickly-growing baby.

Sarah and her little boy, Luke.

Maxton and Luke

Candice and Maxton

Liam- his mama and I are friends from church, and he’s only a whopping 5 weeks old here!

This is Vivi, our little petite princess, and her awesome mama Elizabeth.

And Hank and his mom Nicole.

Hank has the cutest “mean mug” ever!

Next is Levi. Can you tell what we love about this child?

Levi’s momma, Star- of Stellar Sweets here in Louisville. Brides– check her out for your big day– her goodies are SO YUM.

And this is Luca. We have a Luke and a Luca, and both of their mommy’s names are Sarah and they were both born at 34 weeks. Weeeeird.

And this is Carson. He is one of the oldest babes, so he was showing off all of his amazing strength moves and smiles for me. 🙂

Carson’s mommy, Tk, labored with him for like 800 hours. No lie.

And last, I’ve got to leave you with a few pics of my Mia, taken on a few different days recently.

To all my momma friends– we’ve all said it a bunch of times– but we love Thursdays!!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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mom These are so cute! It is so great that you all get together… I
t is so helpful knowing someone going through the same things!

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