Matthew + Emily: Married!

On the wedding day, Matthew gave Emily diamond earrings and a necklace that match her engagement ring. They were absolutely breathtaking and looked so beautiful with her dress!

These guys were hilarious. I took a few shots of them getting ready, and after I left, they come up with this idea, and well, who is going to tell a groom no on his wedding day? Lee got these shots that just beg a recitation of “Rub a dub dub…”

After everybody was done getting gussied up, we planned for the bride and grooms first meeting in the only shady spot we could find. Matthew’s reaction to his bride is absolutely priceless. I think the boy just about passed out. THIS is just another reason we do a first look… we get priceless shots like this. He’s just floored by her! And better yet, my amazing husband Lee snagged this shot!

We had so much fun shooting bridal party portraits, and everybody was so calm, relaxed and kind. We built in plenty of time in the schedule to shoot photos, and so nobody had to feel rushed. Having the first look worked to relax the bride and groom even further, and they just had a great time enjoying their day. I remember Matthew saying, right before these shots, “This is the most relaxed I have ever felt! Ever!”

Emily’s (and now Matthews!) little girl Allison did an awesome job as the flower girl, and she garnered a whole lot of attention for how adorable she looked. My good friend Shannon Meyers did hair and makeup for this wedding and did little Allison up too!

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh!

We wanted to shoot in this little arbor all day long, and right when we had time to do it, the harsh sun went behind the clouds giving us some beautiful diffused light so we could shoot out there!

This is one of my favorite shots below, while the couple was praying and taking communion.

Aaaannnndddd… you’re married!

Emily and Matthew– you know how much we love you guys. Your story is one that brings glory to God, and I’m so glad that He wrote it like this for you. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding that is just the beginning of an even more beautiful marriage.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Sharon Emily and Matthew and my sweet granddaughter, Allison, I absolutely love these wedding pics. So pretty. I have some favorites and I’m anxious to see more. Love you so much.

susannah wow! these pictures literally brought tears to my eyes…they are so beautiful Jessica. I am just so happy for my wonderful friend and that God brought Matthew into her and Allison’s life!

Elizabeth Ahhhh!!! Swoon…..I can see so much Jesus in them…just beautiful, Jess. So sweet and clean. Love it.

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