Okay, so I really mean “catch-up”… but I thought I would share with my blog friends a little fact about me. Ketchup… um, I hate it. Nothing grosses me out then a big ol’ sloppy pile of ketchup someone dumps on their plate (or their eggs for that matter!) I really don’t like to see it… to smell it… definitely not to touch it (even the bottle… I’m THAT grossed out.)

So, what do I dip my french fries in? Mmmmm… my condiment of choice is nearly always honey mustard 🙂 Yum.

How did this aversion of ketchup come to be, you ask? Well… I already disliked it in middle school… and then my wonderful friends preyed upon this fact. It was a slumber party in my basement, probably in about 8th grade. And no girly slumber party is complete without painting your nails, talking about boys, eating chocolate, and TRUTH OR DARE!  So, my wonderful friends dared me (and you can’t not do a dare!) to go up to the fridge, get a bottle of ketchup and dump it in my mouth. And… <shudder>… I did it. And they took a picture. And they kept that picture for several years, throwing it in my face unexpectedly from time to time. I have a grimace on my face right now just thinking about it.

Well, that story had absolutely nothing to do with the pics I’m about to post. 🙂 Except that I’m trying to “ketchup” from the last few months. So, you’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of entries here soon to make up for my little hiatus.

Back in November Lee and I and some of my dear friends from college who also live here in Louisville made the drive back to Columbia, MO where I went to school (M-I-Z!!) Friends from all over flew in and convened on the city for the weekend and we had a reunion and caught an unseasonably warm football game. It was so great to have 20+ of my closest college friends back together. Many have spouses, several have kids… we’re adults now! Too weird!

My dear friends the Malloys let five us crash at their place for the weekend. I was pretty stoked because it meant a bit of time with their two babies: Asante and Alethea. These kids are near and dear to me… their parents were my roommates for awhile and I was even invited into the delivery room for Asante’s birth (but the booger came early and I couldn’t get back in time!) The next two pictures aren’t very good quality… but I just loved the motion and pictures of Lee and I snugglin these sweet babies.


This next one makes me laugh hard. I just love him so much I am smushing his little head… and look at his little face!!!!!!! HA



Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


JGrace Tiffy! Do you have anything to tell me?!?! 😉

tiffany Aw, thanks for highlighting my kiddos! Maybe you can make it in time for baby number 3 (whenever that comes in the FUUUUUTURE)…oh dear, this is how rumors get started :).

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