Jansen + Andrea: Married!

I arrived to find her calm. I tried to mimic her calmness, for I had just dropped on of my camera bodies and lenses on the hard pavement outside and was now having focusing problems with the lens. She showed me around the gorgeous church and proceeded to chat with her friends, get her fabulous hair and makeup done, and later eat some McDonalds in her wedding dress.

Jansen was likewise just as calm and sweet. We had a moment, though, right before the first look when the groom told us to hold on– to make sure that Andrea still really wanted to see him before the wedding. She was all in, and as a result, we got some fabulous portraits of the sweet couple. Before we’d heard word from her though Jansen casually asked “I mean, can’t you just photoshop us in together or something?” 😉

Jansen and Andrea have been friends of ours for the past several years, which made shooting their wedding that much more special. We are very thankful to have been with you on your wedding day, J + A. It was rich and unique, and I can’t wait to tell the story now through photo.

Jansen, this next pic is proof that you CAN smile. You just choose not to for most pictures. But when you’re being held up by all these good lookin men, of course you gotta smile 🙂

Rawr. Can you say model?The next series of photos are part of one of the most touching moments ever. Jansen’s grandfather, who he was always close with, had health that was going downhill quickly. Amazingly enough, the facility he was in was literally half a block from the church. The couple really wanted to go over and visit with him and get him in some photos. On the way in, we were detained by Jansen’s uncle for a few minutes. They had a surprise going on upstairs and we needed to wait a few minutes. Turns out, grandpa was putting on a shirt and tie for the occasion. Grandma was combing her sweet husbands hair, and we got to visit for a few minutes and have some special, special photos taken together. Jansen’s grandfather went to be with the Lord three days later. Our deepest condolences go out to the family. Thank you so much for allowing us to document this very special moment.

On the way out of the facility we had a little fun in the elevator.

While we were snagging the above photo a woman came rushing out of the building, saying that her aunt who was in a wheelchair had her back turned when Jansen and Andrea were strolling down the hall. The aunt was about “having a fit” the lady reported and had sent this lady down to ask the couple to come back up and let her see! Haha. The sweet couple gladly obliged, and we went back up to get a pic and visit for a moment.

Time for the ceremony! Walnut Street Baptist Church is simply incredible, with such detailed woodwork!

The couple played the sweetest video of their childhood photos before the reception, a clip of John Piper preaching about what marriage is, and the “hidden camera” tape of Jansen proposing! Such an endearing way to start the affair.

Love this shot of Jansen’s face that my handsome hubby and 2nd shooter captured.

Another thing that made their ceremony unique was the administration of the Lord’s supper by the bride and groom to the congregation. So neat.

They have magniiiificent stained glass windows at Walnut Street as well.

We headed over to the Old Medical School building next for the party!

Jansen, you got yourself a stunna’.

Love the sultry feel of these last two.Jansen and Andrea, Lee and I wish you a life of bliss together– both now and in 50 years! You are a beautiful couple and radiant examples of the glory of Christ. May His face shine upon you and guide you.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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Raquel These are awesome. My hubs and I have know Jansen from WAY back..and it is so awesome to see him so happy. I so felt like I was there and the emotional moments you captured I know will be forever treasured by them! Great job Jess and Lee…you guys rock!

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