I’m Proud to Be an American

So, I mayyy or may not have been heard singing patriotic songs in my best opera voice as we watched fireworks from the stairs of the Library of Congress in our nation’s capitol this 4th of July.

I flew to D.C. and felt very cool as I took the Metro allbymyself, thankyouverymuch. I had to sneak this photo so I didn’t look *too* touristy 🙂

One of the reasons I went to D.C. was to see this cute girl. We hung out. And ate Ethiopian food.

Also staying with was Laura’s roommates adorable dog, Trueluck. Best dog EVER. Seriously. I don’t even like small dogs… but LOOK AT THIS FACE.

One theme of the trip: We did a lot of eating and drinking. I believe here we are enjoying some Caribou Coffee. Laura talked me into getting a *lavender* white mocha. It tasted, well, like LAVENDER. Gross.

My friend is very good at looking like she is not posing for pictures… but really she is… she is just trying to look really hipster and unaware of the camera. 🙂

And here she is with her new boy. Hm. I guess this is not really internet official– or Facebook official yet. Hope I didn’t blow your cover too much, you two 😉

For the Fourth- we wanted to be near the mall, but maybe not in the swarming throngs of people– so, we sat on the steps of this building. Library of Congress. Holla.

And this was our view:

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