I assure you, there will be more…

My roommate warned me. She said: “Now you know, you are going to turn into a crazy person when your niece is born… you know that, right?… And your parents? Yeah.. they will turn into crazy people too.” Um… she was so right.

I am in Virginia Beach hanging out with my brand new (18 day old) niece, Rebecca Grace. Guess where her middle name came from?? 🙂

And she is PRECIOUS. We are all seriously so in love with her. So, her photographer aunt was going to waste no time getting some pics (even though she may already have the most well-documented life of an infant thus far, when you consider the number of FB pics already attributed to her…)

She makes some seriously awesome faces. Like this one, that we call “the Elvis.”

I can assure you: there will be more. 🙂 She has turned me into a crazy person. 🙂

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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Katie I make the same face when I take pictures! Haha. Love her.

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