Huey Family Portraits

Introducing: The Huey Family. They are awesome. You might remember my little blue eyed boyfriend Henry from other posts. Well, the family moved to Alabama for a little while, and I thought my stint of stealing photos of the little man was over. Much to my delight and surprise, they moved back! We snagged a family session together at Anchorage Park, a place they love to roam. Payton led the way, pointing to spots we had to go and trying out poses she wanted to do for me. It was a blast.

Yes. He has a mohawk.

The progression of the portrait: 1) Fairly normal, except Henry won’t look at me for anything. 2) Henry starts a grass fight with his sister. 3) “Go jump on Mom and Dad!”  4) Henry hams it up by rolling off, quite dramatically.

This next one was, if you can’t tell, toward the end of the shoot. Children were getting tired of smiling pretty and looking at the camera. So this is what I got. And I love it.

Henry is kind of my little boyfriend. And I love it. He held my hand, and I just can’t get enough of those big blue eyes.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Dee Huey You captured our family perfectly! I’m not sure how you grab my kiddo’s personality in your shoots, but you nail it every time. It was a difficult shoot and you hung in there and did amazing work. We are thrilled!!!! Thank you so much.

Jessica Fey Love the last black and white of the family. Payton’s stance and expression is perfect!

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