Her name was Layla…she was a showdog

Hello blog friends! I’d like to introduce you to the newest Lagomarcino– her name is Layla. We now have a Layla, Lola, and Lilly that are all Lago cousin dogs. Plus Lee’s sister Laina. It is REALLY hard to get the right name out– you end up calling Lee’s sister by the dogs name etc etc. Its just not good.

Layla was actually my African name when I spent a semester in Niger (and yes, Layla is a name they use there…) and so it is special to me. I wanted to use it as a girls name in some capacity… and when we were at the shelter picking her out… it just tumbled out of my mouth– “I think we should name her Layla!” And, believe it or not, Lee agreed on the spot. So Lotus (her shelter name) was therefore revoked of her dumb name and titled Layla.

We were driving home from lunch with our small group one Sunday afternoon, when I, out of the blue said “Honey, we should get a dog today!” Now, mind you, we’d not been even discussing the possibility of getting a dog… at least not any time soon. Lee started throwing up protest, so I immediately started riding him about not being spontaneous enough… and then I put on my pouty voice and said “Oh c’mon… let’s just go LOOK.” (Famous last words, right?)

She was extremely shy. She hugged the floor and would NOT come out of her kennel for anything. She was four months old, almost 40 lbs, with the promise to double in size, judging from her huge paws and long, awkward legs. We spent an hour there on the floor with her… bribing her with treats… anything we could do to get her out. After an hour of playing I took a deep breath and said “So, what do you think?” We decided to walk around the store and talk about it– but our hearts were already sold on her. We purchased all the necessary doggy things and headed home… giant puppy in my lap.

Once we got home, she pretty much wanted to hang out in her kennel. Every day became a victory for something new that would happen in her life. Our biggest struggle right at first was that she was afraid of the STAIRS. She would NOT go up or down them for anything, so I would have to pick her up and carry her up or down every time I went… or any time I had the slightest notion she might need to go to the bathroom. But, eventually our brave little girl started tackling the stairs… and stopped walking directly behind us anytime we’d take her for a walk… And she even impressed us with being able to sit on command, and lay down and stay (sorta)… and as of yesterday, shake!

Without further delay… here’s our little <spoiled> cutie patootie…

I think this next one is so funny… like she could be on one of those funny pet greeting cards or something. 🙂

And here’s a little video we shot

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Alicia White OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! These pictures are beautiful 🙂

I can’t wait to meet her!

Larka She is adorable!!!! Seeing her I understand you can’t just walk away. I wish they could stay this perfect cute size. She will add many stories to your life!

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