Halloween Party @ the Sorority House

My house is all kind of crazy these days. One of the reasons is that we have four girls living here. One of these aforementioned girls, when we were organizing the storage room found some of her Halloween decorations, and proceeded to get really excited about the idea of having a Halloween party. We had a party last year, but the decorations this year were pretty much the bomb dot com. And yes, I just said that. A group of 10 year old boys confirmed us when they came up, raving about the strobe light flashing in our hallway and saying “Duuuude, this is awesooommmme!”  “This is toootally the best house we’ve been to tonight!” “This is probably gonna be the best house we see this entire night!” It was pretty awesome. And hilarious. So, lets give you a little taste of the “Sorority House” Halloween decor.

As trick or treaters walked up, these creepy light up skeleton heads greeted them.


And then they may have seen these disgusting 2 or 3 foot bats hanging above them.


What did you say? You want a close-up of the little nasties? Oh. Okay.


I was getting tired of taking pictures of all the gross, creepy things, so I thought I’d take a picture of some nice fall-ish-ness. These two things are MY contribution 🙂


There’s our cute little doorway and some of my pretty mums. Oh wait, the mums even got sabotaged by the Halloween police.


Ahhh… pretty pumpkin-ness. (And no, I never even carved my pumpkin this year. Oh well, that just means it can be a Thanksgiving decoration too, right?)halloweenparty-11

Now we move inside the house…


These are my roommate Shannon’s creation: witches finger cookies!halloweenparty-23

As if the singing skeleton head surrounded by witch fingers were not enough, somebody decided it should have a cockroach crawling out of its eyeball.


My contribution: caramel apples and all the cute paper signs and best costume awards (read: excuse to not do my homework and be crafty instead!!)


halloweenparty-22I do have to admit, these goblets were pretty sweet.


Is this next one not quite possibly the grossest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?? The tongue felt DISGUSTING!

halloweenparty-17halloweenparty-16Okay, so my least favorite “decoration” of all? The random disgusting roaches my roommate scattered around (read: in the refrigerator, our purses, in the corner… anywhere it was bound to freak us out.)


Waterfall of eyeballs.  halloweenparty-14

Candy in a cauldron. Yessss!


Yes, we sorta bought the cheap candy. Do not judge.

halloweenparty-13I wish you could see Gabe’s whole costume. He was a care bear. Oh yes. And Gabe is like 6’8″ or something. He definitely won “Funniest Costume” for his efforts. I wish you could see Chiquita Banana woman behind him… she had a whole basket of fake fruit on her head! On the right is the “Bathing Beauty.”


Chick magnet!!! And she was a cute little chick.. with tail feathers!! 🙂



So, we didn’t think to take a roommate picture til the end of the night. We are looking pretty haggard by this point, but we had a referee, Angela from the Office, Swine Flu, and “I, Rot”


Quail Man from Doug, anyone? It was awesome.


And yes, we are disgusting. I concur.  I’m not sure whose idea this was, or why we all went along with it.. but it is what it is lol.


Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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