Good times at Grammy’s

*Disclaimer– You may or may not care about what I’m writing/sharing here… but this is a precious part of my heart, so I couldn’t not share! 🙂 *


I was excited for weeks. We were going to GRAMMY’S HOUSE.

There’s just no place like Grammy’s house. My grandma lives in Southern Missouri, right in the heart of the Ozarks. There are more cows than people, the lake (Bull Shoals) is calm and wonderful, and the memories and traditions run rampant. For the first time in years and years, my dad’s three brothers and all their kids (minus one cousin, we missed you Jamie!) all descended on Grammy for a few days of fun. Growing up in St. Louis, we were about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Grammy’s, so many, many of our summer weekends we packed up our full sized conversion fan and headed down. We jerry-rigged a TV and VCR in the car for us kids (to whom 4.5 hours might as well have been about 12) and we would watch some of our favorites– Willy Wonka, Pippi Longstocking, On Our Own, or two real-people old-school Disney movies, “Sammy the Way-out Seal” or “The Absent-Minded Professor.”  Once we arrived, we would ski, kneeboard, wakeboard, tube… we would eat Antler’s Pizza and hope we wouldn’t be the one to throw up that time from it… we would have an ice cream pig-out (or “hog” as one cousin once called it) and play Nintendo and games on the OLD computer with the giant floppy discs (which, I would like to report, still is completely functional.) The memories go on and on– measuring ourselves by our tree, going down to the swimmin hole, huntin arrowheads, feeding the carp and the geese, eating in the front yard on the long picnic table, making Grammy and Grandpa go get on their old ham radios (I still know their call signs! KA0MVU this is N0GMF!), and at the end of the day, crashing in our huge basement cousin slumber party.

So. Grammy’s is special to me, and Lee has never been there before, and so I had been pushing for a trip like this to happen for months. We had a grand old time. (Nichols– lets do this next year!! Grammy, please?!)

We arrived to Uncle Dan and his 800 kayaks…


Oh, I’ll go ahead and apologize, this post is *mostly* pictures of my niece Becca. She turned a year in June, and I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so this photographer auntie may or may not have taken a lottt of pics of her.

The cousins’ true personalities emerge when the camera is out:

Impressive right? Or maybe just hilarious…


Maybe Becca will be a photographer like her auntie… or maybe she was just diggin in my camera bag to tell me she would prefer her portrait taken with the 85mm instead of the 50.

Becca and Layla were besties. They see eye to eye.


I feel like her eyes are saying “Please don’t tell me you’re not going to give me what I want?!”


My baby girl is so smart. She can read. For real. She can do “eyes,” “toes,” and a bunch of other things. She also started saying a few more words over the course of the trip. “Pass” (which is pacifier)– she says it like its a question, raising her voice at the end of the word– like ‘please, won’t you give it to me?’ The other new word was bottle, which she does by making a ‘b’ sound and then sticking out her tongue while doing an ‘l’ sound. Its absolutely adorable and hilarious.

Here’s Uncle Chris!

This next pic makes me so happy! It’s my whole immediate family. Even though its a little blurry, and not how I would have set us up or composed the shot… we all look tan (or burnt) and relaxed  and HAPPY. And we were… so happy to be there together.

At Grammy’s one night, we began the obligatory cousin pics. Notice Jamie-on-a-stick. We had to include her 🙂 And also of note, the youngest cousin is the tallest. Kevin is only starting 9th grade and I think he’s like 6’4″?

Pizza at Antlers. So many good stories from past Antlers trips…

On the left is me and my tree. Every time a new grandchild was born, they got a tree planted at Grammy’s house on their first visit. My tree is going strong, 29 years later! On the right, G.G. (Grandma Gretchen) snuggling her grandbaby in the hammock. We have pics of my mom and dad with me at that age in that hammock.

Grammy is in process of getting rid of all of her stuff (which I protest.) Here is a portion of her incredible beer can collection. There are beers from alll over the world.

This is one of those cool contraptions where you put it in your hand and it makes the liquid boil and raise up to the top. Crazy!

And the next few images won’t mean much to most of you, but I went around taking pics of things that have always been there… things that every grandkid knows all about. There are so many more, but many of them have already made their way to children and grandchildren’s homes. One thing of note: the middle pic is of Grammy’s guestbook. I wrote those entries in my almost-6 year old handwriting in 1988.

And that truck there, in the middle, it has been around for-eh-ver. Us kids would have to climb in the back where there would be a few couch cushions for us to sit on, amidst piles of skis, coolers, floats, chairs etc. etc. It was like an obstacle course getting in and out of there!

And we’ll end with one more of the cuteness that is my Beccaboo.

I love you, family! What a great vacation.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Mom Jess, Grammy just said she isn’t in any of the pics! Ooops!

Amy best post ever. Probably bc becca is in almost every one 🙂 That was such a fun trip, thanks for taking these. You might need to send me a picture or two of becca, I have a living social deal for another canvas.

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