Family Beach Photos + Outtakes

It’s becoming more and more rare that my whole immediate family is together anymore. My sister and brother-in-law live in Virginia, my brother is in Missouri, I am in Kentucky, and my parents are in Florida. So, you could see how that might make things difficult. We were all together in Destin, and so my mom jumped at the idea of doing some family photos together. She wanted the traditional white shirts and jeans on the beach look, so we humored her.

It poses a bit of a challenge, however, to take family photos when you need to be *in* the family photos. So, all the photos that I am in either Lee or my mom had to take for us. Usually I would set up a shot, get everything fixed in the camera, tell Lee what I was envisioning for the shot, and have him click it. However, it was really hard for me to know how to arrange people when I had to stick myself in the mix as well.

family beach-33family beach-32

family beach-9

family beach-1

family beach-27family beach-31

family beach-5

family beach-30family beach-29

I made everybody get *under* the boardwalk for individual/couple shots. It was the only shade around that I could find! They were great sports and climbed on under!

family beach-6

family beach-7

family beach-8

Isn’t my brother so cute??

family beach-22family beach-21

This is our attempt at a serious, sassy family pic. Pretty ridiculous.

family beach-10

It’s kinda next to impossible to get *everybody* acting normal at the same time. We are only halfway there in the pic below.

family beach-11

Oh, Amy Rebecca.

family beach-12

My siblings. I love them.

family beach-13

This is what I mean about the group arranging thing. Eeeeh… awkward.

family beach-14

We are walking and swinging our hands. This prolly looks kinda funny if you don’t know that. Ha.

family beach-17

the fam-19family beach-25

family beach-15

The Outtakes: Okay, because this is my family, I can do this. We are all pretty ridiculous, and this is reflected in some of the “outtakes” that were captured.

So, the day we shot… I thought the sun was going to be perfect. It was cloudy and was being diffused nicely. And then, as soon as we got ready to shoot, it came out again. Sun + the glare off the white sand= not ideal for pictures. It was reaaallly bright. Check out our faces in the next few pics (especially my sister– haha!)

family beach-2

family beach-3

family beach-4

I have no excuse for the ugly face. I dunno.

family beach-16

This next series is totally my dad being my dad… and my mom saying “Bob, quit it!”

family beach-18family beach-19family beach-20

family beach-24family beach-23

I promise you, Adam’s eyes are probably crossed. This is his standard “make a face” face.

family beach-28

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


JGrace omg! you ARE pretty… but you are also ridiculous.

Amy wow, i sure am pretty.

Mandy Jess, I love the pics! You are all so beautiful! Love you all so much thanks for sharing the pictures!

Katie Ohmigosh! The “serious” one of Amy and Chris totally made me laugh out loud for a few minutes!

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