Emily + Matthew: Engaged

She glows when she is around him. And he does all he can to make her laugh, smile, and feel like the hot mama that she is. Emily and Matthew are made for each other. The two have known each other since their youth group days, and were friends throughout high school. Even though they ended up at the same college, they went their separate ways and had totally different crowds they ran with and activities they participated in. Life led them through some bumpy places, but then, when the time was exactly right, God brought Matthew back into Emily’s life. He was there right when she needed him, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

We headed out to Huber’s Orchard where we spent the day eating donuts, picking apples, exploring, and getting some great photos. Lee came along and shot with me (and I have a very awesome photo of him carrying all of my and Emily’s purses and bags–what a trooper!) and the four of us very much enjoyed being together. This was exactly what an engagement session should be in my mind. We went someplace fabulous, and enjoyed several hours together. We had a blast, got to know each other better, and gave them time to get comfortable in front of the lens before their big day in June!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Tiffanee Hedges Emily…I am sooo happy for you and Allison! You truly deserve to be happy after everything life has thrown at you! You look beautiful and so happy in these pictures!
Congratulations and best of luck

Mary Stacy-Perez Emily & Matthew-These pictures are absolutely filled with love… they are a peek into your souls & give “us” a view of what you 2 have that is so very special! Cherish it, protect it and gives thanks every day! I am soooo happy for you both AND Allison is one lucky little girl!!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your happiness. Luv Ya, Mary

ccpropes Looks like “Happily Ever After” to me! These pictures are beautiful! Congratulations as you begin this great big journey together!

Cindy Lester Amazing, truly amazing! Blessings to you three for a life that “God hath brought together”…The pictures are an amazing glimpse into your hearts. Thank you for sharing!

Linda and Guy Emmons Matthew, I have watched you throughout the years as you have grown into such a wonderful young man. I can’t wait to meet Emily. I love your pictures and hope to get an invitation to this wedding. We love you Matthew and know God has great plans for your future. I love reading your posts on Facebook. They bless my heart everyday. We love you, Guy and Linda

Matthew Alan Barry Thank you, Jessica! (and you, too, Lee!) That was such a wonderful time, we really enjoyed spending it with the both of you. Your intro was awesome and, between that and the pics, really captured what we are all about – “Made for each other”. I say that all the time. Thank you for giving God the credit for our joyfulness. She’s my tender blessing, what can I say?

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