Crazy Yogis

I’ve spent much of the day today with some of my dear friends, Jeremy and Christina Smith. Christina and I go back almost 10 years now to college. There are simply TOO many Christina stories that I could tell. We spent like 3.5 months together after I graduated college traveling and doing mission work in India and China. Oh boy… there are stories to tell.

She since came to Southern Seminary and met the man of her dreams. We started dating our guys right around the same time, so we would sit in our class together, and as soon as it was over…. just turn to each other and GUSH about our boys and how wonderful it was to be in love. 🙂

Jeremy and Christina just celebrated a year of marriage… and I was so honored to stand with them in their wedding last year. They have become incredible “couple friends” to Lee and I. Jeremy was so generous as to come over and do a whole bunch of drywalling in my house for me. The boys worked and the girls talked.

Anyways… I could go on and on about my friends and how much I learn from them and how they exemplify Christ every day. They are moving to Thailand… where they will learn to be English teachers and then look for a job. They walk by faith and treasure Jesus above all.

In honor of Christina moving, I thought I would post these ridiculous photos the boys snagged of us a while back. We went to an Indian festival here in town, which was especially fun given our history together in India, and when people were invited on the stage for a yoga demonstration, Christina and I, being the shy types we are, did not hesitate!

yogis-4 yogis-3 yogis-2

I saved the best one for last. Oh man. Classic.


And just in case you cannot see our ridiculousness to your satisfaction: here is a close up. I hope you also noticed how we are the ONLY ones sitting up at this point. LOLs.


Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Christina (aka Master Yogi 🙂 ) HAHAHA!!! Jeremy and laughed SO HARD! These are awesome! 🙂 Thanks for posting this, Jess. We love you and Lee SO much and will truly miss you both. We are so sad we won’t be able to come to your wedding. Y’all’s friendship means the world to us, and we KNOW we will see you both again. Thank you for everything. You are both incredible friends to people. WE LOVE YOU!!

Mom I LOVE these! Christina is classic! You two certainly always stand out in a crowd! Tell her I’ll be praying for them!

Amy u are crazy

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