Lee just really, really loves when I get my point and shoot out and make a video of him. Watch the first few seconds of the video closely and you will see how much he loves it. The really awesome part is that I definitely have several videos that start out this exact same way 🙂

So, we went to Chicago. It was wonderfullll. Friday night was sushi with his college friends (we HEART sushi).

Saturday we got up and started the day with a run. We ran to this lake near my uncles house and as we approached I’m sure my voice went up an octave and I said “Look honey! There are SWANS in the lake!! I can’t believe it!” We got closer and started our first lap around the lake… We got to where we could see the swans more closely and Lee sadly informed me “Honey, they aren’t real. Look…they have mildew lines on them.” Yeah… sad day. Four freakin fake swans. Oh well… the run was fun. We went on that run primarily because we weren’t going to be doing p90x for three days. Not so sure starting the day with a run was our smartest move ever though… because we then proceeded to walk probably about 5 miles through downtown, and then stand at the U2 concert for like… hours. Lee couldn’t even walk without a limp the next day. We’re old.

Highlights- Giordano’s Pizza, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Being 20 freakin feet from Bono at the U2 show (and Isaac, I know this is sad, but I have no pictures from the show. Yeah, I know..) IKEA, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries for breakfast at IKEA, U2- the best freakin show ever, lunch at this incredible BBQ place with our Spendyourself web designer Doug. He is awesome. And tall. Oh, and did I mention we saw U2 in concert? Their first North American show of the tour? Yeah. It was cool. Especially Bono’s jacket with laser lights coming out of the sleeves. yessss

So, I didn’t really take a ton of pictures… even though I COULD HAVE. (Julie.. lets do a photo field trip there okay?) I thought maybe I should enjoy my time with Lee instead of being the paparazzi all weekend 🙂

So, here’s just a couple…













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