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It was a long weekend, and we spent it together. Lee and I dropped the pooch at the kennel and then skipped town, on the road to Chattanooga for a friends’ wedding. We made some friends at the wedding, but didn’t really know anybody else, which was kind of nice in a way. The property the wedding was held on set right on the Tennessee river. There was fields, mountains, room to wander, a very sweet dog that roamed the property (we nicknamed her “Brownie”) and even some buffalo grazing! The sun was shining, we danced in the middle of the field, and just tried to soak up the stillness and beauty.

Friday when we arrived, we headed downtown and walked across this incredible long pedestrian bridge, which takes you to a park and some quaint shops.

Seeing as we had no real agenda, I saw a spot that I liked, and declared an impromptu photoshoot!

Saturday morning we headed to Rock City, a place with a supposedly beautiful view. We quickly discovered it to be a $20 tourist trap… so we hopped right back in our car in search of some unexploited beauty. We visited the Chattanooga Nature Center, which the bride’s family had a hand in creating.

When I got out of the car to shoot the wildflowers, what did I see, but a bamboo grove! And one with a path to let you walk inside!

After the wedding on Sat night we again set off in search of adventure. We found a road that looked like it went up a mountain, and were going to try to catch the sunset. We ended up on Raccoon Mountain. Although we were slightly concerned that either a) they were going to lock the park gates with us inside, or b) we were going to run out of gas up there, the views were totally worth it.

For a long while we drove on this crazy road that had guardrails on both sides because on either side you would tumble like 100 feet or more into a lake or a rocky ravine. The pic doesn’t really do it justice. This road was insane.

Thank you Chattanooga for letting us see God’s handiwork and letting us breathe your fresh air. It was quite lovely spending the weekend with you.

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Ashley A I love the bamboo pics! Very cool!

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