Cara+Ben, Quad Cities, Moline, IL

So I know, I have been TOTALLY neglecting my poor little blog as of late. I could list off the excuses… but it’s not like the rest of you weren’t busy either. I’ve been *wanting* to blog badly, but can only do everything I need to do from my desktop computer, which stayed in Kentucky while I gallavanted all over the midwest the past several weeks. One of the places that I gallavanted (I just had to say it again…what a fun word!) was to Moline, Illinois. Home of John Deere tractors, and almost as notably, the Lagomarcino family. Cara is Lee’s younger sister, and she is engaged to be married! These two have been dating 3.5 years, and have done a good portion of their relationship long-distance, so I know they will be glad to stop the weekend road trips and settle down as husband and wife in July! I was honored to shoot some engagement photos for them while I was up visiting after Christmas.

My photos reversed their order somehow, so we will begin with the end of the shoot. You might notice Ben looking a little *cold-ish* in some of these pictures. Well, it was like negative 100 degrees out there or something… but really… I couldn’t complain… I had a beautiful snow, a couple in love, and Cara sporting a black and white houndstooth coat with a bright red scarf. Sooo pretty!


Are these images not just so perfectly classic? Come on– street lamps with garland and red bows?! Could my job get any easier!!


I’m a bit notorious for making my models put on their “sassy faces.” Though they were grinning for most of the shoot, these two pretty much rocked it here with the serious looks!


Red door!!


We are actually in Davenport, IA for all of these outdoor images. We began in the Lagomarcino’s store in Davenport (images below) and all of these great outdoor spots were in a park and along the street near the store. Below they pose by the fire station 🙂


Cara, you are SO pretty. I’m pretty sure Ben thinks so too! Look at how he is looking at her!!


Pic below = HOTT.




We had to get some old fashioned soda shop pictures!! 🙂


Love their reflection in the backbar (but… let’s see how many other Lago’s we can find in this picture?? lol)


Thanks for being cute and in love, you two. I loved shooting your pics… hope you enjoy them!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Katie I love the red door shot. I want to find a red door like that! Great job!

JGrace Thanks Heather! BTW- I am a huge fan of your work!! It means a lot that you commented here! 🙂

Heather Gilson Love her jacket and red scarf! It works so perfectly in the snow, what a fun shoot!

Alicia SO cute!!! 🙂 Great job capturing really great moments! Boy are they troopers in that snow!

Cara + Ben: Wedding « J*Grace Photography […] may remember this adorable couple from their engagement session this winter, where Cara sported the black and white coat and red scarf in the snow. So pretty! […]

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