Cara + Ben: Wedding

You may remember this adorable couple from their engagement session this winter, where Cara sported the black and white coat and red scarf in the snow. So pretty! Well– they are now officially a Mr. and Mrs.!

I am extra excited for these two because, in just 46 more days, Cara will officially be my sister-in-law! This reality was sinking in as I was walking Ben around to find a spot to post him for their first look, and I looked at him and said “Ben, do you realize you are going to be the uncle to my children?” Yeah. Crazy.

Ben and Cara got married up in her hometown of Moline, IL at a beautiful country club. The day was absolutely perfect. As I’ve spent time with their photographs, I’ve remembered what one not-so-sober friend of theirs kept saying at the end of the night. It was something like “They are just so HAPPY. I’ve never SEEN anybody so happy. How in the world can they be so HAPPY?” The incredible smiles on their faces in the following photos proves his drunken observation to be quite true. They are so happy.

One of my favorite memories from the day was when it was all done and over, I was downstairs collecting our things along with Cara’s mom and sister. Cara just started bubbling over, saying “It was just so perfect. It was everything I wanted. It was just the best day ever!” Mr. and Mrs. Pifer– it really was those things. So glad to have celebrated with you.

The day began at home. Cara got her hair done and her sister did her makeup. It was a calm, quiet kind of morning, and it seemed very appropriate that the family would all be together on this morning.

I had to hang the dress in the bathroom that so perfectly coordinated with her wedding colors!

Her dad did his father-of-the-bride duties: writing checks.

I tried to explain to Lilly what was going on, but she just gave me this look:

After getting all suited up, it was time for their First Look. It was more than a little hot outside, and Ben definitely had to wait for a little while before seeing his bride. I’m quite sure that it was worth it though…

Time for some portraits! Ben was a very careful driver as I stood on the back and held on for dear life.

Studly groomsmen. I’m fond of one in particular.

Here is my handsome fiance and my soon-to-be in-laws! You all looked seriously fabulous.

After some time inside, it was go time! Cara’s mom and dad both walked her down the aisle. I caught this sweet moment where dad hugged his daughter and passed her hand to the man she would marry.

See what I mean? Look how HAPPY they are. Absolutely precious.

They are MARRIED! Yippeee!

Behind the ceremony was the country club pool. The wedding drew quite the crowd of onlookers. I loved all these little girls with their goggles still on their heads staring at the beautiful bride.

Time to party! The hilarious bridal party came up with this pose:

Props to the DJ who did an awesome job of keepin the dance floor rocking. The night ended with everybody gathering around the bride and groom for one last celebratory dance.

I just have to throw in a few photos from their rehearsal because it was just so gorgeous. The sun was a bit lower in the sky than at the ceremony, so it just made the photos all feel warm. Here is the beautiful couple– sporting their wedding colors.

Cara– you are SERIOUSLY beautiful.

The day was so so perfect. I’m so happy for you both and was thrilled to document your beautiful day!

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Malik Jessica: you did a wonderful job of capturing the moments!!

MOB, Sandy You captured the people, the joy and the atomosphere of celebration perfectly. Thanks so much for being such a pro! I can’t wait to see all of the others. xoxo

k khaliq Great photos! You did a wonderful job! They are so fun! k

Mom What beautiful pictures Jess! Wonderful job!

Jessica Whittingham This is Ben’s cousin from Georgia. The pictures are gorgeous! I would love to get a copy of the picture you took of the Walker family whenever you get those ready.
Thanks so much!
Jessica Whittingham

Leigh Ann I’m so glad you posted these!! It makes missing it not quite so bad. Can’t wait to see you and Lee for your day in September!

Laina Very well done Jess. I could go on and on about how much we appreciate you taking all of those beautiful pics, and very quickly at that! I can’t wait to come celebrate your special day with y’all in the ‘ville!
lil’ sis

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