Backyard + Summer = A Kid’s Life

tappkids-6 tappkids-5 tappkids-4



tappkids-3 tappkids-2 tappkids-13


Okay, so this next one on the left… I was trying to do this look with my flash where you overpower the sun– kind of like the awesome photos that Esther Havens often takes in Africa and other places around the world. So, as I was just messing around with it, I said “Kyah… could you stand there and model, please?” So, this picture cracks me up. She is standing like a perfect little model while you see the shadow of her crazy babysitter in the foreground doing all kinds of crazy contortions with her photography equipment. Kyah, you are a patient little princess.

tappkids-16 tappkids-15


I had to put more than one. Could you not just EAT. HIM. UP.?


These two beautiful girls are going to be my flower girls, too. Aren’t they just going to be precious?

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