Baby Claire Comes Home!

Hello blog friends! I have been slightly (okay, very) busy over the last several months planning my wedding! We were hitched on September 5th, and I intend to post photos of my wedding craftiness, as well as pics from our photographer once we get them, but for now, I thought I would re-enter the blogosphere with a very exciting event. Our pastor at the Avenue, Ben Hardman and his family have been in the process of adopting for two years now. The process, though often laborious, was especially so for them. Rather than the average of two court hearings, the Hardmans were subjected to twenty-two. Months ago we all celebrated that Claire was officially “theirs”… only to have those hopes dashed and the government say that she could not be adopted. The church prayed, and people around the globe followed the story of bringing baby Claire home.

A little over a week ago, Ben and Sarah got a call. They could come get their baby girl… the next day. So, they scrambled and got on a plane for Ethiopia the very next day. Lee and I were privileged to meet them at the airport in Cincinnati to welcome home the beautiful baby girl we have all been praying for for so long. Claire is definitely a mama’s girl for now, seeing as she was raised only by women. And these photos show the Claire who had been on a plane for 30 hours and then was overwhelmed by 25 new faces staring at her. The next night at church I saw a bit more of her personality come out, as she sat behind me and listened to her daddy preach for the first time. She sang and talked and threw her toys on the ground over and over again as all babies do. I think I can speak for the Avenue in saying that we are all simply overjoyed at Claire’s homecoming. What a sweet, sweet experience.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


JGrace You are so welcome, Debbie! I hope you didn’t mind the photo of you crying. I just thought it was so moving. And, I also know that it made another friend of mine cry when she saw it!

debbie hardman Beautiful thank you so much for the pictures.

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