Avenue Preview Service

My church, The Avenue, had our first “preview service” where we invited everybody to come to get a taste of what the church will be like when we officially launch in October (on 10.10.10) Here’s a few frames from set up, the service, the kids group, and dinner afterwards!

ave preview-2

ave preview-3

Recognize these photos?

ave preview-4

Roommates. I think I caught both of them talking.

ave preview-6ave preview-5 ave preview-7

ave preview-8

ave preview-9 ave preview-10

ave preview-14

ave preview-11 ave preview-12 ave preview-13

ave  preview-1

ave preview-15

ave preview-16

ave preview-17

ave preview-18 ave preview-19

Out of the corner of my eye, I mistook Zach for my fiance. I told them they were twins… and they promptly stood back to back to see who was taller, and I heard Lee ask Zach how much he weighed. Yeah… I’m sure girls would do those exact same things if we said they were twins….

ave preview-20

Yeah, I know this next one is all blown out. But I kinda like it.

ave preview-21

My little boyfriend, Henry. Is he not the cuuutest thing ever?

ave preview-22

ave preview-23

ave preview-24

ave preview-25

ave preview-26

ave preview-27

ave preview-28

ave preview-29

ave preview-30

ave preview-31

ave preview-32

ave preview-33

ave preview-34

ave preview-35 ave preview-36

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Dan Williams Way cool! Ya’ll will be in our prayers

Nicole Poe Love the pictures! Wish we could be there with your family to be a part of this wonderful adventure! So proud of you guys! God is doing great things through your family!

Joe Blair Awesome to see that church filled with a bunch of BROKEN, EMPTY vessels ready to be filled and made whole and beautiful! Can’t wait to come visit and worship with you guys!

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matt 5:14

Laura Johnston Dear Jessica and leaders of The Avenue: I have been praying for you for five years! Five years ago my husband Kip and I attended at wedding at SLCC and discovered this body had planted (long time ago) SECC and several other churches in our area!! We met some awesome Christian warriors who had been faithful for decades. I was sad for the space at the time because it seemed to be off the beaten path and forgotten about except for the remaining faithful. I was so filled with joy when I discovered from my friend Rachelle that The Avenue was worshipping/launching at SLCC, starting a new body of believers, a new vision/mission, a new thing for God!! I praise God for each one of you. I will pray for each one of you. I am so excited to know several of you already, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and gives me hope. May God be glorified by your faithfulness. I pray for you in the name of the One who saves: JESUS.

Andrew Rosenberg Very cool. Exciting launch. The picture of the baby with the bright blue eyes and the snot has future profile picture written all over it.

Eli Spaulding Proud of you Ben. Louisville be forever changed by the Ministry at the Avenue.

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