Avenue Launch: 10.10.10

As you’ve probably seen, if you have been reading this blog long, I am part of a new church in Louisville called The Avenue. We meet right down near the University of Louisville, and aim to serve and love the Old Louisville community in the ways that Jesus would have. We met for our first official service on 10-10-10 (come on… it’s catchy… we had to.) And people came! By the dozens! The night was just perfect. We aren’t about the show. We didn’t use a bunch of buzz words and talk about how cool The Avenue is. No, we started with Jesus’ statement “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” To enter the kingdom of God, you must realize your need for a Savior– and that necessitates an understanding of our neediness…our brokenness and sinfulness and our humility before God. This world teaches us to be prideful and strong, and that brokenness and being poor in spirit is wrong and weak… and yet we know that Jesus went to those types of people… and He in fact, became “poor in spirit” in many ways. So, on 10.10.10 we came before God in humility, for we are nothing apart from Him. He is moving in our community, and in many ways, we have all just been along for the ride.

Before things got started, I snagged some headshots of staff and the college residents/interns. I wish this didn’t remind me so much of the Brady Bunch 🙂

And because Jordan got left out of the montage, he gets three pictures. Plus, I thought this sequence was awesome. The bottom pictures are of what was happening as I was trying to take these headshots. Oh college. College for these boys means 1)Not wearing shoes… like ever. 2)Playing a terrible game that involves pulling out each others leg hair and 3)Loving Jesus and serving their campus in radical ways.

I love this next montage, because it shows us, as a church, worshiping the true God. There was a humility that we all felt before the Lord… a thankfulness… and an expectancy. We truly worshiped Him that night, thrilled about who He is, what He has done, and what He has in store.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!

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