Angie + Phillip

These two are in love, and it’s wonderful.

Angie and I met in my New Testament class last semester at school. (By the way, she and I are both now official Southern Seminary graduates! Whoop!) Before class one day as I was flippin’ through my Google Reader looking at photography blogs, the wedding images I was looking at caught her eye. The second time we ended up sitting next to each other, she said that she didn’t want to sound like a stalker, but she wondered what photographers I was looking at, for she was interested in getting some photos of her and her man. I said, oh well, they are mostly all these famous people out in California and elsewhere… and then, timidly… “but, I, um, I actually am, um, a photographer myself…if you might… you know… be interested in seeing my stuff?” <sheepish grin>

Well, since that time, Angie and I have been good buddies and she rejoiced with me when I got engaged to the man of my dreams… and I celebrated with her as she and Phillip began to make future plans. The two met through a mutual friend, and though Phillip lives out on the East Coast, they have made this thing work. He flew to the ‘ville to see his lady graduate, and so we were able to play around in the park and have a good ol’ time. Phillip– even though you don’t like feet– this image was too cool not to shoot. Sorry 🙂


angiephil-12-2 angiephil-9-2

Ever since we began talking about ideas for her shoot, Angie was totally flexible– but she would always manage to throw in something about her “cuddling with her man under a tree.” I knew we had to work a tree in somehow… and though tree shots can often be a little overdone, I found this tree which was TO DIE FOR, dontcha agree?


Girl– you SO worked it. I just kept telling Phillip what a gorgeous lady he got. And… as for this pose– it was totally HIS idea! It came out so, so fun! Way to go Phillip!

angiephil-10-2angiephil-11-2 angiephil-9 angiephil-6-2angiephil-8-2




Okay seriously… does Angie not have the greatest smile EVER?!

angiephil-6 angiephil-5 angiephil-4

angiephil-4-2angiephil-2-2 angiephil-3

angiephil-3-2angiephil-1-2 angiephil-2

Hee hee. Thanks for being a good sport guys… and putting up with all my crazy ideas!!

angiephil-12So sweet. I love love.


Looking forward to the future with you both! Thanks for such a great day.

Want your own beautiful photos? I love Contact Jessica!


Geni Bean I love the one of them dancing! awesome 🙂 What park did you shoot at?

alicia fierro the tree shot rocks my socks off!

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