Angie + Phillip: Married!

I sat by her in class. It was the last semester for both of us at Southern Seminary, and I’d be lying if I said we both didn’t have other things on our minds (i.e. getting to marry the men of our dreams.) She looked over my shoulder one day while I was looking at wedding photography blogs and struck up a conversation. She said she needed a photographer, and I sheepishly told her, “Well, I am a wedding photographer.” I sent her off with my website address to peruse things and think it over. Well, not only did I become her photographer, but a friend. She supported and prayed for me through all of our wedding craziness… and then it was her turn!

Angie managed the stress like a champ. The flowers had to be changed? No worries. One of the bridesmaids dresses didn’t fit the morning of the wedding? She laughed it off. Half of the wedding party had a flat tire on the RV they drove from Maine and possibly wouldn’t make it in time? “At the end of the day, I’ll be Mrs. Everett” she would say! The day was truly about Angie and Phillip and rejoicing greatly with them, and everybody who was a part of the event was blessed by her incredible beaming smile, her giddiness, and Philip’s gentle tender care for his wife. Thank you both for trusting me with your big day. It was perfect.

First Look. Precious.

I love the serene, peaceful feel of these first look photos. The funny part though, is that Angie’s demeanor was anything but calm in these moments. She couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement! Phillip finally held her shoulders and told her she had to stop jumping! Ha! So cute.

We shot these at about 8 in the morning. Could this light have been any more delicious?

As Angie walked down the aisle, she had the biggest Angie smile I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying something!) and she, in a high pitched squeal/whisper started saying “Hi everybody! Oh hi!” as she walked past friends and family… trying to keep smiling and talk without moving her mouth. The whole crowd giggled with adoration for the bride as the excitement just overflowed from her during that special moment. And oh, that groom! How he beamed, watching his bride come to meet him!

Like mother, like daughter. Are they not BEAUTIFUL?

I LOVE this next sequence. Angie’s mom came out to find the corridor of people, ready to blow bubbles for the bride and groom and remarked that she felt like she was on the red carpet. So, she then proceeded to get down and work her way all the way down. Love it.

Congratulations Angie and Phillip! To many beautiful years of marriage and doing the Cliff Huxtable 😉

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thuy Jessica– ur pictures are soooo beautiful!!! I have to admit– im the bridesmaid that couldnt fit in her dress.. but… in the end– the wedding was beautiful! HAHA Thanks again for everything that day– 🙂

Jessica Fey You’re right, Jessica. Gorgeous smile, indeed! Nice post!

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