Adding Texture to your Photos

One way to add some character to photos you make, and to give them a bit of a “fine art” quality is to overlay a texture on top of them. It just makes for an interesting pic, don’t you think?


So, the next time you are out shooting pics in an area, take time to see the interesting textures around you and take a pic of them to use in your image editing. I think it is especially neat to overlay a texture from that same area onto a pic. Its as if you are infusing a bit more of the spirit of the place onto the photo or something.  As I was shooting around Old Louisville I snapped this one:


You can click on the picture above and then save it to try on your own images! Or, another great source to find free texture files on the web is Grunge Textures. If you have some cash to drop, see Jesh de Rox’s incredible fine art textures, or these by my friend’s husband, an awesome photographer, Matt Nicolosi. Of course, there are also the Totally Rad textures from the Boutwells. You MUST get the Totally Rad actions if you’ve not… I process nearly every image on this blog using something they’ve made.

Basic Texture Layer Tutorial:

Here’s what you do in Photoshop–

1. Open your photo you want to apply texture to

2. Open the texture file

3. Go to the layers palette and drag the layer texture over onto your photo. Then you will see the texture on top of your photo. Make sure they are lined up so your texture covers the whole photo (this may involve changing the size of the texture layer–(hit Cmd- T to transform the layer size)

4. Set the layer type of the texture layer to Overlay (this is in the layers palette… it says “Normal” until you change in)

5. Change the opacity of the texture level until you like what you see!

6. Flatten and Save!

If you try this tutorial out– leave us a link in the comments so we can see your newly textured image!

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