Baby Adler

Amy is a sweet friend of mine who wanted a few pics to document the early months of motherhood. This session came out effortlessly beautiful of both sweet Adler and his adoring mama. He was basically the perfect baby model, as you shall see. IMG 5080 Baby AdlerIMG 5048 Baby AdlerIMG 5020 Baby AdlerIMG 5018 Baby AdlerIMG 5015 Baby AdlerIMG 5009 Baby AdlerIMG 5003 Baby AdlerIMG 4997 Baby AdlerIMG 4986 Baby AdlerIMG 4977 Baby AdlerIMG 4969 Baby AdlerIMG 4967 Baby AdlerIMG 4947 Baby AdlerIMG 4939 Baby AdlerIMG 4933 Baby Adler This squishy face is just too hilarious and cute not to post!!

IMG 4912 Baby AdlerIMG 4906 Baby Adler

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Baby Ace


Oh hello again, blog. It’s been awhile. 2014 was a little bit crazy… had a baby on the kitchen floor, delivered by Dad and the helpful 911 operator (yep, totally did.) Then we moved away to Kansas City when he was 5 weeks old. We are back in Louisville again and settling in! Spring has arrived and there are babies and kiddos and families and brides and all things wonderful that are needing to be photographed, and I am doing my best to rise to the challenge! Here’s a few from a lil newborn session the other day.

Sweet baby Ace was very interested in what all the hubbub and flashing lights were about on this morning that we photographed him in his home. Lil guy put up a good fight against going to sleep so we could get some sweet sleepy newborn pics, but we finally held out long enough to send him to dreamy land. Man, nothing sweeter, right?

IMG 4824 Baby Ace

IMG 4826 Baby Ace

IMG 4638 Baby AceIMG 4646 Baby AceIMG 4669 Baby AceIMG 4672 Baby AceIMG 4697 Baby AceIMG 4711 Baby AceIMG 4788 Baby Ace

IMG 4818 Baby Ace

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Metzmeier Family

I’m so happy to have been able to photograph this great family on several occasions now– but now with their sweetest new addition– baby James! James (and his family) braved the chilly temps– don’t worry, his mommy and daddy layered him up! And we were able to capture a few of this sweet season in their life. Thank you, Metzmeiers, for your friendship, and entrusting me to capture your family memories!

IMG 1726 Metzmeier Family IMG 1729 Metzmeier Family IMG 1732 Metzmeier Family IMG 1793 Metzmeier Family IMG 1818 Metzmeier Family IMG 1825 Metzmeier Family IMG 1831 Metzmeier Family IMG 1851 Metzmeier Family IMG 1866 Metzmeier Family IMG 1915 Metzmeier Family IMG 1920 Metzmeier Family IMG 1922 Metzmeier Family IMG 1933 Metzmeier Family IMG 1967 Metzmeier Family



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