Lindsey + Zachary

There’s nothing like the Chick-fil-a play place to bring people together. Ha. How funny is it that although it truly isn’t where their story begins, that is where they met. I’m so happy for this beautiful couple as they join their families and celebrate the Lord who brought their lives and stories together in His perfect timing.



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Laina + Matt: Engaged!

How excited was I to get to photograph these lovebirds… (my sister-in-law and future brother-in-law)… AND do it at the beach?
We were curious as to how this session was going to shake out, mostly in part because prior to this shoot, Laina and Matt had *one* pose. Laina on the right, Matt on the left, hands behind each others backs. hahaha. It cracked me up every time a new pic went up on Facebook. So, after teasing them for a bit about this fact, and making sure they partook of some adult beverages before our shoot, we got these AMAZING images. So in love. You guys did great. And I’m so so very happy for you (and for me! You’re an awesome addition to this crazy Lago crew, Matt. We all adore you!) 


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Sandy Laogmarcino Jess,
You did an amazing job. You captured some beautiful shots and sweet emotions. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us.

Worthen Family

I met them in church (how long ago now, guys?). We sat behind them or maybe they sat behind this, and we shook hands and somehow it came out that Jeff was a photographer and so was I. Cool. They were new to our church and we decided that they needed to be our friends and come to our community group. We bugged them a few more times about it, I think, and I’m so glad they came. We now get to do life every week with this awesome family and we love it. They also threw us a super fun CG party that involved lots of hilarious karaoke and lots of creepy gifts for the white elephant exchange.

I didn’t get to share these because some were Christmas card pics (which is so fun for me to keep a tally of all the cards I receive whose photos I took… 7 this year I think.) So, I will share these now, because they are too precious to not.

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