Anderson Family

I adored meeting this sweet family– and can’t get enough of their beautiful girls!

Anderson Family Creasey Mahan 81 Anderson Family

Anderson Family Creasey Mahan 61 Anderson Family
IMG 75341 Anderson Family

Anderson Family Creasey Mahan 71 Anderson FamilyAnderson family Creasy Mahan 51 Anderson FamilyIMG 73891 Anderson Family

Anderson Family Creasey Mahan 31 Anderson FamilyIMG 74211 Anderson FamilyIMG 74341 Anderson FamilyIMG 75301 Anderson FamilyIMG 75011 Anderson Family




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The Zoellers

Liam is one of my daughter Mia’s little buddies, and his mama and I are good friends. We had babies 8 weeks apart, and so our mom texts regarding sleep habits, teething, tantrums, feeding issues etc. etc have been a constant companion over the last year. So glad we got to document this lil guy, his big blue eyes and his parents at this all-too-fast stage of life.
IMG 66511 The Zoellers
stick1 The ZoellersIMG 68821 The ZoellersIMG 68001 The ZoellersIMG 67681 The ZoellersIMG 67501 The Zoellers

liam and tree1 The Zoellers
IMG 67091 The ZoellersIMG 66961 The ZoellersIMG 66891 The ZoellersIMG 66631 The Zoellers

IMG 69201 The Zoellers




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Lindsey and Skylar

I last photographed Lindsey when Skylar was IN her belly. Now, 15 months later, I’m super thrilled I got to photograph these beauties again. Here’s a few shots from our session.

IMG 6610 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6533 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6527 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6525 Lindsey and Skylar
IMG 6490 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6477 Lindsey and Skylar
IMG 6436 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6422 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6371 Lindsey and SkylarThe one below is after a few tears– but I just thought it was too cute!
IMG 6357 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6324 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6291 Lindsey and SkylarIMG 6313 Lindsey and Skylar

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